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Our work system is in accordance with the regulation standards set out in PERMEN NO. 9 YEAR 2016 concerning Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Working at Height by using Rope Access.

PT. Rekayasa Anugerah Andalas Teknik grows and develops with the best human resources who are experts in their respective fields and have real services and innovations in Indonesia.

What we provides

Building Mainteance

The board level of expertise and experience of personnel and certificates of expertise enable PT. REKAYASA ANUGERAH ANDALAS TEKNIK is able to provide a multi-disciplinary team for varios projects and special assignments.

01. Cleaning

Cleaning buildings from all kinds of dirt and including rust or corrosion.

02. Inspection

Checking the building whether it is still feasible or whether it is ready for use.

03. Blasting Painting

Re-paint the building so that the quality of the building is maintained and more pleasing to the eye.

04. Mechanical

Ready to perform machine maintenance and repair.


Rope Access

Rope Access is a security system for working at heights or difficult to reach using a "rope" as the main tool. This method is a modification of rock climbing and cave exploration activities that are applied in the industial sector. The application of this system in the industrial sector was first recognized in America and Europe in the late 70s. The rope access system continues to develop both technically and the type of equipment used, according, to the needs in the industrial sector. So that is safer, more convenient, and flexible.


Our Services

We offer services that can be tailored to your needs, all requests will be carried out by professional and experienced workers in their fields.

Service Range

All Territories of Indonesia

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